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Access to Healthcare

My biggest contribution will be as a healthcare provider in the Senate. I will advocate for the underserved and vulnerable populations within our state. I can assist other members of the Senate and improve patient care outcomes and navigate health insurance difficulties. We need to remove the barriers patients have to their medication(s) and improve their outcomes with proper education and compassion.


As a small business owner for the last 15 years I personally know the struggles that business owner’s face and the challenges to keep your doors open. I will work tirelessly to assist and support business owners find creative ways to encourage and grow business in our communities.


Working with high school and college students I mentor many students and understand the challenges with distance learning and the financial burdens. Having a family member who is a teacher, I personally see the challenges with resources and compensation in the education system. A high-quality education is the key to financial stability and successful communities. When we invest in our teachers and our youth’s education, our families thrive and communities prosper.


We need to improve access to affordable, high speed internet to the 14th District, especially to school age children. Municipalities above and below our district have access to high speed internet and we need to increase access to our District.


You may know I have always been an advocate for proper medication disposal to avoid contaminating our water. But, I also advocate for proper solar farms. Solar is a great power alternative, but we should not use prime farmland when we have enough structural building to utilize. I also support alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles.

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